Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me and Katie!!!

The four of us went to Blanca in Solana Beach to celebrate! We ended up having the most delish meal......although none of us were able to pronounce anything on the menu. I was also able to enjoy a "mocktail" on my birthday, that was pretty tasty, but it was definitely missing something.............champagne!!

We got the CRIB!!

Well...we got our first addition to the the baby's room......our crib (thank you, Mom and Dad). Tyler was happy to get his first real "Daddy" project and I was happy that it came the day before my birthday.........Happy B-day to me!! Also, thanks to new technology we were able to Skype my family in so they could see the crib just after it was built. I have a feeling that we will be doing a lot of "skyping"
in the next year.

 Where to start??

I feel like I look bigger than the crib! ha ha. Also, just so you know the two surf boards and the random picture are not part of the baby's new decor. I will be getting started on the cute purple and Tiffany blue bedding next week. And I will also get started looking for a new place to for Tyler's toys. he-he.