Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend with the Fam

We took the family out to watch the sunset and got some belly shots while we were at it.


 Grandpa's got to feel the baby move. (sorry about the panty shot!)

breakfast on the beach

30 weeks

Friday, April 22, 2011


Here we are (all three of us) dressed up for Dave and Trish's wedding.

75 Days Left!!!

Well we have made it past the 100 day mark and now on to a new milestone of 75 days (and by the time this is posted 74 days). This has been such an exciting ride for Tyler and I and it is getting more and more real everyday. I love my growing belly, although it gets in the way often, like when I knock over my managers file holder on her desk with my belly every other day or when I look down and notice that I have a belly full of crumbs from my last snack. But all in all, I have had fun being pregnant and I think that Tyler has had fun laughing at me trying to get off the couch!! The baby is still moving all the time; we actually started doing our “kick count” last week. I am supposed to make sure I have at least 10 kicks in one hour every night, and we had 27 kicks in the first 30 minutes, so I hope that is a great sign of a healthy baby girl.  Plus it is fun to get cozy on the couch every night with Tyler, and let him have a chance to fell the baby kick and squirm. He also enjoys singing silly songs to her every now and then. (I wish I had a recorder) He- he.

We are also making some progress on the baby’s room! My Mom and Dad have ordered us the crib and Tom and Sharon have ordered us our rocking chair…….I can’t wait to get them!! I am still obsessing and agonizing about the baby bedding and what I really want to do, but I think I am almost there. Sorry to Katie and Amelia who get random texts of fabric and my crazy ever changing ideas. My baby showers are coming up quick and I can’t wait to see everyone!! Be prepared for my huge, ungraceful arrival to my showers…….I am getting pretty large and in charge. J

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4th Annual San Mateo Camp out!!



We had our usual Beer Olympics which included, flip cup, beer darts, whashoes and beer pong. Tyler and I dominated on flip cup...don’t worry I was chugging Hansen’s Soda!! But Chris and Katie pulled it out at the end to be the 4th Annual San Mateo Beer Olympic Champions!!!! Tyler is still trying to get over the loss.


We made it official with T-shirts!!!!


Here is our tent or "condo" with the Beer Olympic brackets posted. We don’t mess around!

23 weeks

I thought that I was SO big here......but now I look back and I look so small compared to now.

27 weeks


I did a lot of growing this A LOT!!